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Camping Etiquette for All

Whether you are new to camping or a seasoned camper, there are unsaid rules that should always be followed. The outdoor hospitality world has boomed in the last two years giving way to many new and excited campers. As families grow and new generations begin camping, it is up to the seasoned campers to educate the little ones. We would like to share a list of our top eight good camping manners to not only give yourselves a pleasant camping experience, but those around you as well. Please consider and utilize this list wherever you may camp!

  • Take responsibility for your campsite. Lead your family by example! Teach them appropriate behaviors, discuss the campground policies, encourage inside voices and appropriate language, know where your campsite members are for safety reasons, as well as for not disturbing other campers. Consider the volume of your radio and outside television, your neighbor may not enjoy the same genre as your family. Each camper has their own idea of a perfect camping trip and it may not include your activities. Remember that you are outdoors, your actions are for all to see and hear!
  • Campground Roads Are Made For Walking. Cutting through another camper’s campsite is rude. Treat each campsite as if it was a home for each family. You wouldn’t walk through someone’s home or yard without being invited.
  • Be A Responsible Pet Parent. Cleaning up after your pup is a must and keeping your pup on a leash at all times is the state law. Is your pup an active barker? He or she may be happier at home then. Everyone around you is on vacation too, most campgrounds do not include the barking experience in their camper’s stay.
  • Leave No Trace and Take Out What You Bring In. Leave it better than when you found it! Each camper is given a clean campsite; upon leaving, take a look around. Is the campsite clean of trash and belongings? Ask yourself before you drive away, is this campsite looking like it did when I arrived?
  • Respect the Grounds and Facilities. The campground team works hard to present you with a clean and beautiful campground. If you make a mess, clean it up. Treat it like your home, you would not appreciate arriving to a messy campsite, neither will the next family. Show a little love and care around the campground team.
  • Campfires Scream Camping Tradition. Be thoughtful about what you burn and keep it manageable. Your neighbors will be grateful to not be smoked out by your blaze.
  • Keep it Dim at Dark! Fancy decorated and lit up campsites can look amazing and really make you stand out as a fun camper, but when night falls and everyone turns in for a good night sleep it can turn into a nuisance to your neighbors if your lights could illuminate the entire campground. Please unplug those bright beacons and transition to a trusty lantern or flashlight if you are still outside enjoying the night air.
  • Be Courteous to Those Around You. Campgrounds have quiet hours in place so that everyone can have a pleasant experience. Be considerate, the campers surrounding you are on vacation too.

Please consider and review the above points next time you and your family have a camping trip planned, and share with other campers you may know! Happy Travels!