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Camping Season Preparation

Whether you are a tent, pop-up, trailer or motorhome camping enthusiast, there is always a camping “to do” list to get ready for a camping season. You could be camping for a weekend, a week, a month or even a whole season! No matter what the length of your stay, you know you will have to make some preparations. Let’s help you out with some helpful hints to get you started.

Your first task should be to reach out to your favorite campground. Make those reservations early so you don’t miss out on your favorite activities or even your favorite campsite. Please keep in mind every campground is unique and will have different reservation policies. Check to see when reservations begin for the upcoming season, put that reminder in your phone.

Checking your equipment should be next in line on your list. Did you de-winterize your recreational vehicle and then run water to check for leaks? How about changing your batteries and checking your fire extinguisher? How is your tent, are there any rips or tears? Is it time to treat it with rain repellent? Now where did you put those tent stakes?

Ok, biggest task of all. Make a list of necessary supplies. You may have storage totes all packed from your previous camping adventure, it’s time to get them out and check for missing, broken or worn out items. Do you have all of your kitchen essentials for cooking and serving? First aid kit? Tool kit? How is your recreational equipment looking, such as fishing gear, kayak/canoe gear, lawn games?

This next step can be lumped in with your necessary supplies but most likely you won’t be preparing these items until a week before. Make your grocery list! What meals and snacks are you planning on preparing? Don’t forget the s’mores ingredients! Your clothing and personal care products are next. Check out the weather to ensure you will pack temperature appropriate clothes.

OK, so you have your reservation, you are all packed up, your gear looks good and you have fresh steaks in the cooler. Let’s go camping!

Campsite number one overlooking the Delaware River at Driftstone. – Photo courtesy of Melinda Koehler