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Icy Delaware

Ice islands north of the cement bridge above Slateford. Photo courtesy of Andrea Haldeman.

Along the Delaware River each year, winter is unique when it comes to the formation of ice.  Two winters ago the river was frozen solid from the Pennsylvania shoreline to the New Jersey shoreline, allowing adventure seekers the ability to walk from shore to shore.  Last winter was not nearly so cold to produce such a unique spectacle. Ice came and went as quickly as it formed, melted away by warm temperatures.  This year is all together different with the steady cold temperatures.


Solid ice formations at Kittatinny Point in Delaware Water Gap, New Jersey side. Photo courtesy of Jason Bentzoni.

2018 ice formations are thick but are settling differently in different sections of the river.  From the toll bridge in Delaware Water Gap down past Driftstone the river continues to flow, depositing jagged ice chunks along the Pennsylvania and New Jersey shorelines.  North of the toll bridge up to Tocks Island,  thick, mountainous ice has wedged itself from shoreline to shoreline causing concern of flooding at times during the season.  Seeing the build-up of the ice, the movement, the scale, it is always an amazing spectacle and gives each passerby a pause for thought.