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A Snapshot of the Delaware River

View of the Delaware River from Portland, Pennsylvania.

Driftstone Campground is a favorite camping spot for its family atmosphere and fun activities as well as its beautiful location along the Delaware River. Activities include boat trips upriver, tubing in the channel, and most of all fishing. What do we really know about this beautiful body of water?

Driftstone offers trips on the Delaware as far as Smithfield Beach which is 14 miles north, however the total length of the Delaware is actually 330 miles.  The river flows through four states, beginning in New York, through Pennsylvania, followed by New Jersey, and completing its flow in Delaware where it joins the Atlantic Ocean.  There are 10 main tributaries which contribute to its flow, they are:  Monagup River (NY), Neversink River (NY), Callicoon Creek (NY), Lackawaxen River (PA), Lehigh River (PA) and Schuylkill River (PA), Musconetcong Creek (NJ), Rancocas Creek (NJ), Cooper River (NJ) and Maurice River (NJ).  The river is divided into three major sections, the Uplands which begins at the Catskills and ends at  Delaware Water Gap, the Piedmont which runs the entire length of Delaware Water Gap through the Kittatiny Ridge, and the Estuary, the final section which flows from Trenton Falls to Cape Henlopen, Delaware.

Paddling down the Delaware River from Driftstone.

The section Driftstone is located in, The Piedmont, has a large area of woodlands and is called home by a variety of forest friends and fish species.  It is a very scenic waterway and is loved by locals and visitors far and wide.  This section offers recreational paddlers and river enthusiasts calm sections of water in addition to  Class I through Class III rapids, although Class III rapids are few and far between.  The part of the Piedmont that Driftstone sends its campers down offers only Class I rapids, but we are sure our trips will not disappoint you.  The trip contains fast and slow parts of the river and the scenery will amaze you each and every time.

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