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The Birth of a Campground

Original farmland in 1965.

In 1965, a corn field in Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania was purchased by Earl and Margaret Ackerman, visionaries that saw this property as ideal for a family campground. The Ackermans’ vision was to create a campground where families could escape everyday life and create new, fun memories together.  It was to be a place where children could play all day and be in a safe environment.



First signage for the campground.

Within one year, Driftstone Incorporated was born, 58 acres that included an island in the Delaware River, 20 sites, a barn that would hold a makeshift office and minimal supplies and the old farmhouse would be the home of the Ackermans.  For the first year in business only water taps were offered to campers as well as the Section A bathhouse. Electric hoookups would come shortly after. The pool was installed in 1973, and the Ackermans would expand their property line for the campground, adding 30 acres.   They built another bathhouse in 1976, renovated the barn to include a store and gameroom by 1978, built a maintenance building (also known as our Carriage House) in 1987, built a new house in 1993 to reside in, installed a playground in 1997 and renovated the barn/store/office/gameroom building yet again to include a bathroom in 1999.


Driftstone Campground in 1967.

Today the campground appears to be an entirely different realm when comparing it to the image of 1967, trees have been planted and matured, buildings have been added, roads within have been changed but one thing has always stayed tried and true and that is the dedicated campers and their love of the outdoors and family time.  Driftstone Campground continues to be privately owned when a lot of other campgrounds have been sold to corporations. Its mission remains strong, continuing the Ackermans’ vision over fifty years later, and remaining a favorite of campers from generation to generation.