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Let’s Talk Pie!

Any camper knows a camping trip is not complete until a meal is made over an open fire.  In this day and age of new cooking implements and cookware it is sometimes the tried and true cooking tools that beat out the new competition, at least you don’t need to read a manual to use it!  One of the most beloved cooking tools for a camper is the Pie Iron.  For those new to the camping realm a pie iron is used to heat, toast and seal filling of your choice in between two slices of bread or pastry dough.  The iron is made of two pieces hinged together, each piece has a concave cast iron square, rectangle or round plate with a long metal rod attached and usually a wooden handle at the end.  Pie irons can be found in most outdoor outfitter stores and online.

Pie iron recipes vary, from a basic sandwich to an involved meal to a sweet dessert. Recipes can be found in abundance online but coming up with your own delicious idea can be fun and great family activity.  Pie iron creations are know as many names, a mountain pie, pudgy pie, campfire pie and a jaffle.

The Pennsylvania Campground Owner’s Association hosts a Mountain Pie competition in September at the Gratz Fair in Pennsylvania that include winners of each Pennsylvania campground that have participated around the state during the camping season.  Driftstone Campground is one of those participants.  There are two categories in which one many enter, Sweet and/or Savory.  The winner of the Sweet category for Driftstone Campground made it out to Gratz Fair last year and won the Grand Prize for the Sweet Category, a $500 check.  Why not try your skills as a pie iron chef?

Maple Apple Bacon Mountain Pie Recipe

Fry 6 or 8 pieces of maple bacon and cut into small pieces.  In a saucepan boil:  1/4 cup granulated sugar, 1/4 cup light brown sugar, 1/4 cup dark brown sugar, 1 tsp. baking powder, 2 Tbsp. cinnamon, 2 Tbsp. vanilla, 3 Tbsp. maple syrup and 1/2 stick of butter.  Add:  1 chopped Granny Smith apple and 1 chopped Pink Lady apple and lightly boil for 20 minutes.  Add:  Pie crust to Mountain Pie Iron.  Fill with:  apple mixture and top with bacon.  Place in embers for about 4 minutes on each side.  Drizzle with caramel sauce and top with wet walnuts and whipped cream.  Makes 2 pies.